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Black Market Adoption
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Black Market Adoption

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The Black Market Adoption Webring is composed of sites having to do with black market baby brokers, and with sites of adult adoptees whose adoptions were black market,and who are in search of their original families. If you are searching for birth parents, this is the place to start.


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   genessa -- adoption resources Preview Go
GENESSA is an online shopping mall specializing in jewelry but offering pages of sponsored product and services, and unsponsored editorial content. The ADOPTION RESOURCES page is for all members of the triad and features many search resource links, as well as books and magazines, and personal stories (will make a page for anyone with a well-told story; interviews welcome too).
   Article: Black Market Adoption Preview Go
A Guide To General Black Market Adoption Information
   Dr. Cole and the Cole Babies Preview Go
This site tells the story of Dr. Katherine Cole, of Miami, responsible for many black market adoptions.

   The Cole Baby Registry Preview Go
For Cole babies born in Miami, Fl. and links to other black market adoption information
   Bessie Bernard: Black Market Baby Broker Preview Go
This site contains info regarding Bessie Bernard,who was notorious for black market adoptions in which the child was born in Florida and placed in New York.
   Tennessee Reunion Registry Preview Go
A free mutual consent reunion registry with online viewable database for all those Triad members involved in any way with the state of Tennessee.

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